Managed Hosting Solutions

Three Managed Hosting Solutions That Could Work for Your Website

Managed hosting makes life easier for webmasters who don't have access to a full IT department to set up their server environment. There are a number of different types of managed hosting solutions that you can choose from for your Elfin Cove AK business website. Choosing the right one depends a great deal on the size of your budget and how important your website is to running your business. Here are three different types of managed hosting solutions that apply to different types of websites and businesses.

Managed Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting accounts are the cheapest type of managed hosting solutions available. Shared hosting may be appropriate for personal websites and for small business websites that get little traffic. If you rely on your website to be much more than a business card for your Elfin Cove AK local business, a shared hosting account will quickly be unsatisfactory.

Managed Virtual Private Server

VPS managed hosting solutions are the next step up from shared host accounts. In VPS hosting, your website will share a physical machine with many other websites. Unlike shared hosting, VPS gives you a lot more control over the server environment. Your website will have its own operating system and won't be affected as much by other websites and accounts on the same machine.

Managed Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a physical machine that is owned by the hosting company but your account is the only one hosted on it. That gives your website(s) access to all of the server resources and completely isolates it from any influence or risk caused by other accounts or websites. It's one of the best managed hosting solutions for mid-size to large companies in [statetitle] because it provides all the benefits of having your own machine without the hassles and cost of providing the IT staff to manage your server environment.

As with any other business decision, you should always shop around and get quotes for several different managed hosting solutions before making your final choice.