Managed Hosting Service

When Should You Choose a Managed Hosting Service?

A managed hosting service is the ideal hosting solution for a business that relies on its website but doesn't have the time or the staff to deal with all the technical details to keep their site up and running right. How do you decide if a managed hosting service is right for your West Hills CA business website? This information can help you decide.

What Is a Managed Hosting Service?

In a managed web hosting account, your web host takes care of all the technical details of managing the server on which your website is stored and served from. When you choose a managed hosting service, the hosting company sets up the server, installs software you need and ensures that everything is secure and updated as needed. You don't have to worry about setting up the security or making sure that your software is kept up to date. The managed hosting service does it all for you.

Who Uses A Managed Hosting Service?

Individuals and businesses in West Hills CA use a managed hosting service to minimize the amount of IT work the website owner needs to do. When you choose a managed hosting solution, you don't have to put time and energy into maintaining the backend of a website. Instead, you can focus on building your business instead of maintaining the technical aspects of the website.

What Is Included in a Managed Hosting Service?

Every web host puts together its own managed hosting service packages and may offer many variations of managed hosting. Depending on the hosting company and web hosting package you choose, you may have access to any combination of managed services, including server monitoring, on-call maintenance, software installation and upgrading, troubleshooting, hardware installation and upgrading, managed backup services, security setup and auditing and control panel setup.

Benefits of a Managed Hosting Service

The biggest benefits of choosing a managed hosting service for your [statetitle] business website are the money and time you save by not having to manage your server and server environment on your own. You avoid the cost of hiring dedicated IT staff and reap the benefits of having expert, dedicated staff on call to handle any server emergency that might crop up.