Managed Hosting Linux

What You Can Do with a Managed Hosting Linux Server

Why would you choose a managed hosting Linux server for your Whitten IA small business website? When you're choosing the right type of hosting account for your website, it's important to evaluate your needs and choose the type of hosting plan that best fits them. A managed hosting Linux account is the most common type of hosting account for [statetitle] small business owners for a number of reasons. The most important reason that business owners choose managed hosting Linux accounts is the flexibility and versatility provided by the Linux operating system. Here are some of the things you can do when you choose a managed hosting Linux account.

Run a Blog

The most popular blogging platforms, including WordPress, require PHP and an SQL database, such as MySQL. Both of those require a server with a Linux operating system. The same is true of many other popular blogging platforms and content management systems.

Add a Discussion Forum to Your Website

Like blogging platforms, many of the most popular discussion forum platforms require a Linux operating system.

Run Perl, CGI and Ruby on Rails Scripts and Programs

Customize your website with proprietary apps or with software and apps that you purchase. Perl, CGI and Ruby on Rails, three of the most popular Web programming languages, all run on managed hosting Linux accounts. Whether you want a shopping cart, a catalog or another custom app for your business website, chances are that your best choices - often free, to boot - require a Linux server environment to run.

To make it even easier, many hosting companies that provide managed hosting Linux accounts also provide you with auto-installers that will install and set up your blog, discussion forum, content management system and many other types of add-ons for your website with a single click.

There are many Whitten IA hosting companies that offer managed hosting Linux accounts. If you need assistance deciding on the best type of hosting for your business, their customer service departments will be happy to answer all of your questions.