Small Business and Marketing

Five Tips for Publicizing Your Artistic Small Business and Marketing Your Talents

Artists and artisans don't usually think of themselves as a small business, and marketing activities tend to fall at the end of their list of desired activities. That's a shame, because the most successful creative artists and artisans are those that recognize that being a small business and marketing their craft allows them to indulge in their creativity more freely. These small business and marketing tips can help you turn your creative hobby into a successful business.

Track Your Expenses

Budgeting is seldom fun, but tracking your expenses is vital to your monetary success. Unless you know how much you're spending to create your masterpieces, you can't accurately price them for sale.

Do Demos

One way to get publicity for your artistic business is to do demonstrations at local events. Demos are especially popular for vintage and creative crafts at flea markets and craft fairs. You'll draw attention which can easily turn into customers.

Offer Lessons

There are more ways to small business success than by selling your finished product. You can create a second income stream and create demand for your products by offering lessons in your craft in local adult education classes or online.

Invest in a Good Camera

Good pictures are essential to marketing your products online, so invest in a decent digital camera. You'll find plenty of use for it once you start taking photos of your crafted pieces.

Use Social Media Wisely

Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are all excellent options to publicize small business, and marketing via photos on these social media platforms is free. Post photos of your artwork, jewelry or crafts, as well as works in progress to raise interest.

Whether you paint murals on bedroom walls or sell chain mail jewelry at Ren Faires, when you start thinking of yourself as a small business and marketing as an extension of your creativity, you'll be one step further along the path of making a living with your art.