Top Email Marketing Software

How to Choose the Top Email Marketing Software for Your Business

There are thousands of email marketing providers out there, each of them claiming to offer the top email marketing software. They promise you ease of use, low prices or nifty bells and whistles to make your direct marketing emails look marvelously professional. How's a small business owner in Puxico MO supposed to choose the top email marketing software that provides the features his business needs? Try this practical approach to evaluating the top email marketing software choices.

Figure Out What You Need

Think about how you're going to reach consumers and potential customers in Puxico MO or your chosen market. What type of messages do you send? Do you need autoresponders to deliver a timed series of messages? Do you primarily send email newsletters or do you need marketing software that allows you to pull in information for an RSS feed? How do you sign up subscribers for your email marketing letters? The top email marketing software offers you many choices to import a mailing list, including integrating with your shopping cart. Finally, figure out how much you're willing to spend for direct email software.

Get Recommendations and Do Research

Ask associates and acquaintances for recommendations. The best place to start your research is in your own Inbox. If you subscribe to an email newsletter or marketing letter that you particularly like, check to see which of the top email marketing software solutions powers their lists. If it's not in the newsletter, contact the business owner directly and ask who manages their email marketing campaigns and how they like the service. Ask members of your circles on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for recommendations. Get reviews from other [statetitle] business owners in your local Chamber of Commerce.

Try Out Your Choices

Most top email marketing software providers offer trial periods so you can test their tools and their email engine with your marketing messages. Sign up for a trial and give them a whirl. Check out the tools they offer, from help with composition to result evaluation. Send out a test marketing letter and ask for feedback from your customers.

If you follow through on those practical testing tips, you're sure to end up with the top email marketing software for your business.

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