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Thinking Small for Your Business and Marketing

For years, youíve been told to think big when it comes to success for your small business, and marketing was no exception. Today's Dillon MT small business owners are learning a new tactic when it comes to business and marketing decisions thinking small can help you succeed big.

In fact, thinking small and local is not only great for your business it ís good for the entire Dillon MT community. According to the Small Business Administration, every dollar spent in a locally owned business translates to three dollars powering your local community. Thatís why [statetitle] businesses are powering up more and more to thinking small when they make business and marketing decision. From Small Business Saturday to initiatives that originate locally, there are dozens of ways to promote your business locally. Here are five quick tips that can help you start making your business and marketing more local.

Form a Local Business Organization

One of the best ways to launch business and marketing initiatives locally is to partner with other locally owned businesses. Get to know other people who own independent, locally owned businesses and start planning a buy-local strategy.

Use the Five-Mile Strategy

Your biggest customer base is probably located within five miles of your business, and marketing should focus on that area. Target local customers with direct mail and offer them a discount. Put signage on your vehicles so that your business is more visible. Use geo-targeting with mobile marketing messages.

Localize Your Web Pages

Use local search engine optimization to make sure the web page for your business comes up when someone in your area searches for your products or services. Don't forget to localize the mobile versions, too.

Mobil-ize Your Website

Donít have a mobile version of your website? You need one more than ever for business and marketing purposes. More and more people search for local entertainment, services and products from their mobile devices, so you need a mobile presence to bring in customers.

Use Social Media

Engage with local customers via social media, including email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the new Pinterest business pages. When it comes to business and marketing, social media marketing really lets you go big with small marketing strategies.
More than half of the people in the U.S. own or work for small businesses and marketing those businesses can be fun take advantage of making things fun locally and watch your business grow.