Spam and Virus filter

The Importance of a Spam and Virus Filter

Experts estimate that the typical home user in Beardsley MN receives an average of about 20 spam emails a day. For business users, that number can be astronomically higher - and those spam mails can cost your company an awful lot of money. As of 2009, the University of Maryland estimated that the economic impact of deleting spam mail amounts to $21.6 billion a year. If you had any doubt about the value of a spam and virus filter, that number alone should make you think twice. When you add in the damage that can be done if one of those spam mails happens to contain a virus, it's clear that a good spam and virus filter is an essential business tool in today's business world.

Why Email Client Spam Filters Aren't Enough

The most popular email clients and webmail services provide spam blockers and virus filters, so why should a [statetitle] business owner add a standalone spam and virus filter in addition?

Frankly, spam blockers in your email client just aren't very effective. They're only as good as the software that powers them, and a quick look at the mail that makes it through to your inbox is a clear indicator that something in there just isn't working right. The fact is that spammers are very motivated to find ways around the spam and virus filter options that are most commonly used. They target their exploits to the most-used email and webmail clients in order to bypass the spam and virus filter included in standard email programs.

If your Beardsley MN business is relying on the spam and virus filter included in your standard email software, you are vulnerable.

Spam Is Not Just an Annoyance

The waste of time and effort is bad enough, but spam carries an even more insidious danger to your personal and business email accounts. Many spam emails carry a nasty payload that can compromise the security of your servers and all of your business information - including sensitive customer information.
All it takes to expose your entire network to danger is one careless employee who opens the wrong email or clicks on the wrong link, opening your company's servers to phishing attacks, backdoor exploits and other threats.

Spam and Virus Filter Software Protects Your Business

Installing a high-quality, customized spam and virus filter protects your business by zapping spam mails and virus threats before they reach your inbox. If you're trying to operate a business or website without the protection offered by a specialized spam and virus filter, you're endangering your business, your profits, and, perhaps most important of all, your customers' personal information.