Online classes for college

Online Classes for College: Learning at a Lower Cost

It used to be that autumn was a white-knuckled ride for high school seniors and their parents. The rush of gathering transcripts and letters of recommendation, and carefully crafting essays and personal statements culminated in the hold-your-breath wait for the thick envelope in the mail that signaled acceptance into the college of your choice. These days, however, the white-knuckled ride is less about acceptance letters and more about financial aid packages.

The cost of college has risen exponentially over the past several years and, because of budget cuts, students can no longer be assured of a timely degree. Indeed, in [statetitle], a community college degree takes an average of three years, while a degree from a state university takes an average of six years. In the latter case, that means two more years of college expenses plus a two-year loss of earning potential. Fewer students and parents are willing to be members of the "six-figure club," those who graduate with more than $100,000 in student loan debt. As a result, more students are turning to online classes for college.

The bottom line is that online classes for college offer those in Hagerstown MD college credit at a lower cost. The cost savings with online classes for college are accrued across the spectrum. For example, the money paid for online classes for college - in both registration and tuition fees - is considerably less than that paid for attending in-person courses. In addition, online classes for college can often be scheduled around work hours, either because they're offered at more convenient times or because they align more closely with the correspondence course model. Furthermore, those who live in Hagerstown MD save a tremendous amount in fuel costs, room and board, and other expenses associated with attending college.

While online classes for college may not be what many high school seniors and their parents envisioned, it is a practical solution to today's financial reality. Moreover, it doesn't mean giving up the dream of attending an institution of higher learning. With proper planning, credits from online classes for college can be transferred to a traditional university setting, and students can ultimately obtain the degree they desire from their first-choice university. Yet they won't be burdened with the crushing debt borne by their peers who are members of the "six-figure club." The bottom line? For those who aren't offered glittering financial aid packages, online classes for college are a smart and practical path that will lead to the same destination.