Trade schools

Top Five Reasons People Go to Trade Schools

Higher education is a must if you want a good, high-paying career these days. Most employers won't even talk to people who haven't had some education or training after high school. That doesn't mean you have to attend a college or university though. Trade schools offer the best alternative career path in many industries. If you're considering post-secondary education and think that trade schools might be a good choice for you, here are the top five reasons that people choose to attend trade or vocational schools instead of college, university or other higher education options.

You Already Know What You Want to Be When You Grow Up

College is a great place to figure out what you want to do with your life. Trade schools are great places to get the training you need when you already know what you want to be. If you've already decided that you want to be a chef, a nurse, an auto mechanic or a web designer, trade school might be your best education option. Vocational schools put you right to work learning the skills you'll need for your career.

You Want Specialized Training for a High-Demand Career

Many of the top employers in [statetitle] have partnerships with Empire MI trade schools. The strong industry relationships give trade schools an inside edge on curriculum and program design. Because they're hooked into many industries, trade and vocational schools can fine-tune their classes and courses to make sure you know the tools and skills employers in Empire MI are demanding.

You Want to Learn While You Work

Trade schools are often far more flexible than traditional post-secondary options. Since many of them cater to adults who are training for a second career or who are adding credentials and certificates to their resume, trade schools almost always offer flexible class schedules, including online classes, that fit with your own schedule.

You Want Practical Training in Real World Settings

Unlike the protected atmosphere of traditional colleges, many trade schools mix class work with hands-on experience in practicums and externships. Many trade schools in Empire MI partner with local employers to provide internship programs and hands-on experience that prepare you for work in the real world.

You Want That Certificate Now

Trade schools are designed to prepare you for an entry-level position in your chosen industry as quickly as possible. Some certificates and programs may take as little as six months, while many other trade schools offer associates degrees and certificates you can complete in one or two years.